Welcome to Sapphire Arabians, LLC, located in Griffin, Georgia! We are excited to share our passion and love for horses with you. We invite you to visit our farm, Salah Farms, to see for yourself the magic and peacefulness of the property. The word Salah is often used in the Aramaic and Hebrew languages meaning to stop, rest or pause, and to worship or give praise with thankfulness. My husband Mike and I thought long and hard about the name we would use for our farm. The previous owner, Lynette, is a beautiful soul and you will see the beauty she created here once you visit.

The first time we looked at this property for purchase, I felt immediate beauty and peace surrounding me. I knew this was the property for our breeding program and all the beautiful Arabian horses we would share life with and that this was a very, very special property. We have not stopped being thankful and continue to push the pause button so we can relax and enjoy the peacefulness away from all our busy living. Salah indeed!!

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